We are Strange

Kirk is Strange

Kirk Mona

Kirk has been a professional naturalist for over 20 years working for nature centers, science centers, park districts and county governments. He worked for 13 years at the oldest private non-profit nature center in Minnesota and now works at the oldest public nature center in the state. He has worked as a columnist for the National Association of Interpretation’s Legacy magazine and hosts the YouTube channel Secret Nature. He is the past president of the Minnesota Naturalists’ Association.

Rachel is Strange

Rachel Giemza

Rachel has been a naturalist for about 6 years at various nature centers and city governments throughout Minnesota, doing all sorts of programming, from survival to pond studies all the way to fairy hijinks and pirate adventures. Her naturalist interests include pollinators, insects, birds, maple syruping, and wildflowers, but is willing to learn just about anything. In her downtime, Rachel enjoys hiking, gardening, playing dungeons and dragons, reading, and crocheting different projects. She also spends time with her leopard gecko Yarrow and her roommate’s cats Finley and Juniper.

Victoria is Strange

Victoria Thompson

After escaping a desk-bound life as an environmental policy consultant on the East Coast, Victoria moved to the frozen northlands and discovered a new passion as an environmental educator/naturalist. She loves teaching in the outdoors and discovering amazing new things about nature, and is also, for some reason, really into spreadsheets. Other favorite activities are reading, walking, visiting Little Free Libraries, baking bread and cooking, and spending time with her family (twin toddlers, husband). She lives in Minneapolis.