Life is strange.

Naturally you want to hear about it.

Come get some.

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24. The Horror Frog and other tales Strange by Nature Podcast

This week brings three awesome stories from around the world. Rachel brings the the tale of the "Horror Frog", Victoria has a mystery plant like no other and Kirk gives us a cool research update on how carnivores affect the plants in an ecosystem. 
  1. 24. The Horror Frog and other tales
  2. 23. We know the secrets of the fire swamps
  3. 22. Giant phallic death stench flowers
  4. 21. Bulletproof Armadillos, Metamorphic Goo, and Superfetation
  5. 20. ExTrEmE Episode Part 2: Hagfish Slime, Off-Earth Extremes and Loggerhead Shrikes